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Aegis Animator

Aegis Animator
Aegis Animator

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Release Date: 11/1/1985
Manufacturer: Aegis
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Donated By: Jim Butterfield
Aegis Animator (and the pack in Aegis Images) was an early animation program designed for the Amiga computer and eventually ported to the Atari ST. Aegis Animator was known for its ease of use and implementation of "key frame" animation technology that filled in the gaps between the frames for you. This concept was later applied to Adobe Flash and in essence, you can consider Aegis Animator the grand daddy to Flash although the two took completely separate development paths.

Animator was also used to create the animation for the popular game Defender of the Crown where R.J. Mical took the files produced by Animator and wrote additional wrappers around them to make their implementation into a game possible.

Animator also inspired Aegis to hold an animation contest which resulted in an demo reel of animation created on the Amiga which was quite popular at the time.

User Comments
Dave Coombs on Friday, July 13, 2012
In 1987, well-known animator and director Steve Segal (who now works at Pixar) used Aegis Animator and an Amiga 1000 to create "Dance Of The Stumblers", a 3-minute piece which was shown at the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre and won numerous awards. You can watch a segment of it here:
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