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Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 4/14/2000
Manufacturer: Eidos
Donated By: Jim Wilkinson
Daikatana is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos Interactive. Released on April 14, 2000 for Windows, it was led by John Romero. The game is known as one of the major commercial failures of the computer game industry. Daikatana was later ported to the Nintendo 64. A different version of the game was developed for the Game Boy Color, with a version for the PlayStation canceled during development.

The game takes place during the year 2455 AD, in a world suffering from a major pandemic caused by a man named Kage Mishima. Through use of a magical sword called the daikatana, Mishima traveled back in time and prevented the disease from being cured, allowing him to take control of the world. The protagonist takes the form of a martial arts instructor named Hiro Miyamoto. Hiro, along with minor characters "Superfly Johnson" and Mikiko Ebihara, attempts to recover the daikatana, traveling to a number of different times and places in the process.

Daikatana's title is written in Japanese kanji which mean "large sword", but their correct reading is actually "daitō" in Japanese (see Daikatana (sword)). The name comes from an item in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign played by the original members of id Software, which Romero cofounded.

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