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Armed and Dangerous

Armed and Dangerous
Armed and Dangerous

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Windows XP

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Release Date: 12/2/2003
Manufacturer: LucasArts
Donated By: Jim Wilkinson
Armed and Dangerous, often shortened to AnD, is a video game created by Planet Moon Studios and released by LucasArts. It is a third person Action/Adventure Comedy shooter which parodies both other games and several other media such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Monty Python's Holy Grail, using humorous in-game dialogue and cutscenes.

Armed and Dangerous is a third-person shooter action game, the camera hovering behind Roman, the player character, at all times. The game is played mostly on foot, with most levels incorporating usable gun emplacements, although there are some base defense levels where the player is inside a movable gun turret mounted on rails on top of a defensive wall; these levels are played in first-person.

Playable weaponry and equipment in Armed and Dangerous is a mix of shooter staples, including bolt-action and sniper rifles, submachine guns and rocket launchers, but also more unusual fare like the 'Land Shark Gun', which fires into the ground a rapidly-maturing infant Land Shark, a creature that 'swims' through the earth, seeking out and devouring enemies.[2] Other unusual devices include a miniature black hole, a gas grenade that turns enemies against each other and a device that temporarily reverses gravity, causing enemies to 'fall' into the sky, before the device shuts down, returning gravity to normal and returning affected enemies to earth, the fall killing them.

Apart from weaponry, some of the later levels equip the player with a jet pack, allowing flight over moderate distances.

For most levels, with the notable exception of base defence and jet pack levels, the player is accompanied by two AI controlled allies, Q and Jonesy. These allies can be 'killed' during levels, but will return in the next level (where applicable).

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