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Classic 300 - General Ledger

Classic 300 - General Ledger

Floppy (5.25")1

Classic Software


Release Date: 1/1/1989
Manufacturer: Classic Software
Classic Software's top of the line software was the 300 series. This system can be purchased one module at a time or can be fully integrated at any time. Five unique modules are available. They include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable with Invoicing, Accounts Payable, Inventory with Purchase Orders and Order Entry. The General Ledger module is described below:
  • Network support included at no extra charge
  • Full audit control - Batch & Line Number for every transaction
  • Audit File showing all batches, Posted, Unposted, Date & Amount
  • You can define your own chart of accounts. 1-4 digits in the main account number and an optional 2 digit cost center. The numbers do not have to conform to any pre-set ranges.
  • Debit Credit control code for controlling which accounts are printed with () brackets.
  • Up to 13 user defined accounting periods.
  • Budgets can be set for each period.
  • Comment file allows comments to be printed on financial statements.
  • Standard Journal Entries allow you to key in a transaction once but use it every period.
  • You decide when standard journals are posted. Every month, every quarter etc.
  • Special utility to set up the opening balances for the year.
  • Entire year can be left open and transactions posted to any period in the current fiscal year.
  • Can edit, delete, print a batch of transactions while still preserving audit trail.
  • Income statement can be produced by Cost center.
  • Multiple Companies with consolidated Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Optional automatic set-up of entire General Ledger.
  • Multiple Bank Accounts.
  • Can compare up to 13 periods this year with 13 periods last year, and can compare to budget
  • Reports Include: General Ledger Chart of Accounts, Transaction Listing, Trial Balance, Income Statements, Balance Sheet, GL Account Analysis, Display account with Comparatives.
General Ledger Report Writer
  • Allows you to define up to 999 reports per company
  • Reports can include custom P&L, Balance Sheets, Sales Schedules etc.
  • Can copy report formats from other companies
  • Can define totals, sub-totals, calculations
  • Option to print multiple accounting periods on same report
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