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Floppy (3.5")1

Oregon Research


Release Date: 1/1/1994
Manufacturer: Oregon Research
Just because Termite TCP now makes direct Internet access a breeze, it doesn't mean that traditional telecommunications is obsolete. There is still a tremendous number of resources available via your modem: from national online services like CompuServe to local BBSs. We learned a tremendous amount about optimizing high speed serial communications during the development of Termite TCP. We took that knowledge and completely rewrote the serial IO routines in Termite. The result is a telecommunication program that truly has no peer. From screen scrolling to file transfer, it's so fast it's scary! Some of Termite V1.21 Highlights include: Rewritten serial driver for optimum performance. Internal Zmodem, ANSI, and VT102 emulations optimized in assembly language for maximum performance. Flexible phone book with unique setups for each number and support for multiple line BBSs. Automatic call logging. Record and review where you were, how long you were online, and how much you spent. User configurable floating Button Bar! Assign any program function, macro, or ARexx script to any button. Want your own icons? Just assign any IFF image to the button! Configurable review buffer with cut and paste editing. Unique script recording watches your actions and writes complex scripts for you! Configurable text macros. Saves typing repetitive phrases. Fully ARexx programmable for complete automation. Assign your scripts to the button bar or as a menu option. Supports Amiga standard XPR libraries allowing you to choose from a wide variety of transfer protocols. Supports Amiga standard XEM external terminal emulations (including RIP). Multi-tasking chat window editable history for those real time conferences. Includes a useful command quick reference card detailing important program functions. Run on any Amiga with Kickstart 2.04+ and 1 Mb of RAM. Comprehensive manual explaining the operation of every program function including a quickstart tutorial, ARexx programming examples, and a telecommunications glossary.
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