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Floppy (3.5")1

Finale Development


Release Date: 1/1/1998
Manufacturer: Finale Development
A press release about this product:

Finale Development, Inc. will continue Voodoo development for Amiga

Helsinki, Finland (April 5, 1997) - I'm happy to announce that I have reached an agreement with Finale Development, Inc. that gives them a source-license to my Voodoo emailer, and will enable Finale to continue its development on the Amiga and pOS platforms in the future. At the same time, I will be ceasing development on Amiga, but this agreement means that the support of Voodoo will continue. Alain Penders of Finale Development has informed me that they plan to include a version of Voodoo with their forthcoming WWW browser, the Finale Web Cruiser, as well as continue the development of the stand-alone Voodoo client as a commercial product.

More information about Finale Development and their products, including future Voodoo releases, will be available at

Voodoo was originally released in December of 1995 as the first Amiga product with fully integrated MIME support in a GUI environment. It later was the first product to support the PGP/MIME encryption standard.

Osma Ahvenlampi, author of Voodoo (up to version 1.280)

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