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Claim Jumper

Claim Jumper
Claim Jumper

SystemAtari 8-bit

Synapse Software

Atari 8-bit

Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Synapse Software
(From the Back of the Box)

"Your keen eye has not yet spotted the faint glimmer of raw gold that will spell fame and fortune, but you know it is out there. Suddenly, off to the left, you see what looks like the finest specimen of gold ore this side of the Pecos mountains. Cautiously but quickly, with six-gun drawn, you make your way north towards the shiny treasure."

"But wait! You soon realize that you are not alone. Your arch rival has grabbed the gold and is headed for the Assay office to turn it into cash. You must stop him before he is able to deposit the money in the bank or spend it on more ammunition ... "

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