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HP 150 II

HP 150 II
HP 150 II

Speed8 MHz
Memory256 KB
Hard Drive15  MB

What's this?

Hewlett Packard

Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
On Loan From: David Dunfield
The HP-150 II was not an IBM PC compatible unit, but was still MS-DOS compatible using a special version. The HP-150 II replaced the HP-150 in 1984. It was still called the Touchscreen, although the touch screen was no longer standard, but rather a rarely-adopted option. The optional touch screen bezel was superior to the original bezel, in that the emitters and detecters behind a solid infrared transparent plastic; removing the need to regularly clean the holes found in the original model.

The HP-150 II had the same footprint as the HP-150, but came in a larger housing to accommodate its 12" screen, but could no longer accommodate an internal printer. The HP-150 II had four expansion slots available (as opposed to two), and could accommodate an optional 8087 co-processor board. There were some minor compatibility problems between the HP-150 and the HP-150 II in the video subsystem.

Development of the HP-150 series of computers ceased shortly after the introduction of the HP-150 II. It was replaced by the IBM PC compatible Vectra series of computers.


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