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K-Spread 4

K-Spread 4
K-Spread 4

SystemAtari ST
Floppy (3.5")2


Atari ST

Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: Kuma
Donated By: Kim Hum
K-Spread 4 is the most advanced spreadsheet available for the Atari ST series combining ease of use with most comprehensive specification which includes: Form Design, Dynamic bar & line graphs, direct loading and saving of DIF, ASCII, WKS and WK1 files, extensive macros, date and time calculations, well over 100 functions including dbase, logical, conditional financial, trigonometric, string & conversions, extensive formatting, GDOS file output (GDOS included) for high quailty printing & incorporation into DTP packages and a 300 page manual.

That's a hefty description from the back of the box...all to say. It's a spreadsheet.

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