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SAS/C Development System V6.5

SAS/C Development System V6.5
SAS/C Development System V6.5

Floppy (3.5")6

SAS Institute


Release Date: 10/1/1992
Manufacturer: SAS Institute
Donated By: Jim Butterfield
The SAS/C Compiler has proven reliability for over a decade, in the demanding development environments of business, industry, education and government. One indication of the power and flexibility of the SAS/C Compiler is that SAS Institute has relied on it to engineer the SAS System for Information Delivery.

The primary elements of the SAS/C and C++ development system are the compiler, linker, full-screen debugger and the freely redistributable run-time library.

On the Amiga, the largest competitor would have been Manx Aztec C.

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