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Eight Ball Deluxe

Eight Ball Deluxe
Eight Ball Deluxe




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Release Date: 1/1/1992
Manufacturer: Amtex
Have you ever wanted to play pinball--real old-time pinball--but not been able to get out to the arcade? Or does your arcade not have pinball machines any more? Well, now you can play pinball on your computer in the form of Eight Ball Deluxe, a real pinball game that came out in 1981.

Based around the pool game "Eight Ball," there are a wide variety of ways to rack up points. You can even "nudge" the machine a little to free a trapped ball or to make a ball fall onto a flipper. Be careful, though--too hard a nudge and you risk tilting the machine.

Requires Macintosh with 256 colour display and 4MB of RAM.

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