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AMOS Compiler

AMOS Compiler
AMOS Compiler

Floppy (3.5")2

Europress Software


Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: Europress Software
Donated By: Jim Butterfield
The best part about AMOS was the fact you could create stand along program which ran with a cut down version of the full program editor called RAMOS. Unfortunately many have had problems with this package and getting your hands on a copy hasn't always been easy. The new compiler solves this problem.

It is now possible to write a full AMOS game, compile it, package and commercially sell it and no one would ever know without carefully examining the resulting machine code. Mandarin have even promised they won't tell anyone you wrote the game using AMOS until two months after the release. Apparently some software companies have expressed disinterest in signing up titles which have been developed using "Game Creators". AMOS hardly fits into this category, but compiled BASIC programs are treated similarly. In Australia Pactronics have distributed one titled written in AMOS called Cricket. It has been fairly popular, however we haven't seen any other titles in production.

The AMOS compiler churns out code which runs at a very acceptable speed. The demos floating around for AMOS 3D are proof that even uncompiled code moves at a very rapid pace, although none of the demos are really true examples of the sort of overhead game code has to deal with on top of handling the graphics. Remember too that the demos are all executing predetermined animations without any on-the-fly calculations as to where objects should be headed.

There can be no doubt that the AMOS compiler is far more elegant solution to the problem of distributing your own programs than the previously available runtime AMOS called RAMOS. It is also considerably more secure and a good deal smaller. In the speed department you can expect an increase of two to five times - depending of course on the complexity of the code.

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