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Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: subLOGIC
Donated By: Michael Kukuk
Based on subLOGIC's classic Flight Simulator. Choose either an F-16 Fighting Falcon for land missions or an F-18 Hornet for missions starting at sea from an aircraft carrier. You can practice flying and aerobatics in "free flight" mode, dogfight against Soviet MiGs, launch strikes against land or sea based targets, watch a demo, or load a subLOGIC scenery disk. For either combat mode, you get to select which missiles and bombs your plane will have.

Most of the indicators a real jet fighter would have are present: altimeter, heading, frame loading, gear status, brake status, fuel level, radar, attitude, and range. You can turn a few of these on and off. Controls consist of either the joystick or numeric keypad for steering and other keys to handle your optional indicators, landing gear, weapons, and even the eject button! Lastly, if you want a different perspective, you can get a view from the control tower instead of your cockpit.

User Comments
Dan Conder on Saturday, September 14, 2013
We used to call this game "hoover" because the sound effects sounded like a vacuum cleaner. What this game had going for it was a multiplayer jet dog fighting game. Although I found I could hit pause and my side would pause but still keep rendering video in the game. I would fly into a cloud, "park it" and wait for my opponent to fly by. I would unpause fly in and gun'em down.
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