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Superbase Personal 2

Superbase Personal 2
Superbase Personal 2

Floppy (3.5")1

Precision Software


Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: Precision Software
Superbase 2 by Precision Software, is a system which offers file management to end users together with a more powerful multi-file relational capability within the Windows 2 environment. Because the product uses a graphical interface accessing data is as simple as pointing and clicking a mouse. The product can run using either a full copy of Microsoft Windows 2 or the runtime version of Windows that is bundled with the package. Superbase 2 gives three types of views; a record view (default), a table view and a page view which allows you to place fields any place on your screen. Once you open a particular view on screen, Superbase 2 provides a VCR-type panel that allows you to easily browse through your data. A row of symbols across the bottom of the screen represent commonly used functions such as fast-forward, reverse and pause. Superbase 2 gives access to many powerful features including calculated fields, required ranges, external lookups and externally linked text and graphics fits. The externally linked text files can be edited and stored in Superbase 2s built-in text editor. Superbase 2 includes report capabilities such as optional date stamping page numbering and headings. Fields can be from any file, making it a fully relational report writer. In-line calculations and text concatenations allow for calculated fields in the report output.

This software comes with a dongle, necessary to run the program (plugs into the joystick port).

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