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Lint 4.0

Lint 4.0
Lint 4.0

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Gimpel Software


Release Date: 8/1/1990
Manufacturer: Gimpel Software
Donated By: Jim Butterfield
Lint for the Amiga is a commercial static code analysis software tool produced by Gimpel Software for the C/C++ languages. Being commercially available since 1985 Lint has probably been available longer than any other commercial Unix/Windows static analysis tool.

Lint is a command-line tool for developers, indicating suspicious or plain wrong issues in source code. Lint (or its multi-platform version, FlexeLint) can be integrated into IDEs as an external tool, and the format of the warning messages can be adapted to the form the IDE is able to recognize and process.

Lint can be used for quality assurance of C source code and checking the code for conformance to coding guidelines such as MISRA C.

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