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Alice: The Personal Pascal v1.2

Alice: The Personal Pascal v1.2
Alice: The Personal Pascal v1.2

Floppy (5.25")2

Software Channels


Release Date: 1/1/1985
Manufacturer: Software Channels
Donated By: Jim Butterfield
Developed by Brad Templeton of Looking Glass Software, Alice is a PASCAL compiler. For DOS, it comes in two versions. The original version could only use 128K of spare RAM. It was meant for the 256kb DOS computers common in 1985. The "large" version could use "the full" 640K, and has a few more features.

Alice was quite advanced for its day. It had over 700 help screens back when help was an unusual feature in software. A number of its features were later repeated in products like Microsoft Visual Basic and others.

It runs in DOS, and will also run in a DOS window under Windows or NT. (In fact, if you put it in a DOS window with more than 25 lines, you can give it a command line option or ap.ini option of "L=50" for example to have it run in a 50 line window.)

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