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Falcon: Operation Firefight

Falcon: Operation Firefight
Falcon: Operation Firefight

Floppy (3.5")1

Spectrum Holobyte


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Release Date: 1/1/1990
Manufacturer: Spectrum Holobyte
Falcon Operation: Firefight (in Europe released as Falcon Mission Disk Volume 2) allows the pilot to fly the updated Falcon F-16C in 12 new missions with a focus on air-to-ground operations to support allied ground forces in a war zone with a major escalation developing. Not only ground forces require support, but also the enemy is launching raids on friendly forces. Your support is required in both arenas...

Updated features include the AMRAAM 120A medium range air-to-air missile, the AGM-88A anti radar missile, an improved AIM-9M short range air-to-air missile, and an updated APG-68 radar. Furthermore extra enemy aircraft have been included: Mi-24 "Hind" helo and the MiG-27 "Flogger D". Another change is the option to allow multiple enemy aircraft to join the battle scene.

The 12 missions are: - Heavy Metal: Knock out two enemy tanks - Five Carder: Destroy four pontoon bridges - Hind Hit: intercept two Mi-24 Hinds - Lone Ranger: Destroy one MiG - Truck Interdict: Destroy three trucks - Ace High: intercept and destroy one MiG - Tank Park: Hit five tanks - Triple Trouble: Destroy two MiGs - Dragon's Head: Damage the enemy supply line - Interceptor: Kill one MiG-27 and protect the Arsenal - Dragon's Tail: Damage the bridge - Home Base: Destroy one MiG-27

This mission disk is an enhancement to be used together with the original Falcon package. It can be flown independently from Falcon Mission Disk Volume 1 (aka Falcon Operation: Counterstrike).

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