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Europress Software


Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: Europress Software
Donated By: Jim Butterfield
Generating high speed 3D animation in a game environment normally relies on a set of standard routines for rendering objects. Ideally, this graphics engine must be able to handle many calculations based on the camera position. Each object must be rendered by the blitter chip. For best rendering times, the engine would need to take into account objects which are in front of others.

If you could create such an engine and make available an editor for creating shapes to be animated, you have AMOS 3D. The whole package was created by Voodoo Software, the authors of the amazing 3D game Xiphos.

What you have your hands on is one of the most impressive Amiga programs you're likely to see with the potential to build fantastic games of your own. Combined with AMOS, it is possible to create an entire 3D universe with incredible fast animation frame rates, smooth camera paths and smart collision detection.

AMOS 3D is actually two modules. AMOS itself receives a shot in the arm with an extension of some 30 commands to allow you to display objects and handle your 3D universe. However, the most important add on is the object editor.

User Comments
Dave Coombs on Friday, January 13, 2017
This was a great little set of 3D drawing routines for the AMOS (compiled BASIC) Amiga language. With it, I actually wrote a graphical animation editor for hierarchical figures! You'd start by loading a bunch of 3D boxes on the screen (which you could rotate around in real time) and graphically resize, reshape, and move them to create, say, a simple robot figure. Then you could link the boxes as a hierarchy and manipulate the whole figure (with hotkeys for each limb). I had a 100-frame slider at the bottom where you could set key poses and play the simple animation back in real time. Then you could turn the motion data into character action for a Videoscape figure, which would have been very difficult to create otherwise. My program was only possible because of the fast 3D drawing routines in AMOS3D. The AMOS3D object editor was cool too, for simple objects...
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