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Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: Glacier Technologies
Spritz is a unique program for the Commodore Amiga computer written by Stephen Vermeulen that incorporates graphics creation and editing as well as some very unique features for commincating with other programs like its counterpart Express Paint.
  • Up to 64 colours available on screen, adjustable palette with bright and half bright colours
  • Powerful and versatile drawing and editing tools
  • Rubber banding curve feature
  • Infinitely vairable airbrush tool
  • Plain or multiple colour brushes, user defined brush shapes
  • Colour cycling for added picture improvement
  • Range of powerful editing tools allow editing at pixel or picture level
  • Very sophisticated "undo" feature allows step by step "undo's" or switching between oldest and newest versions
  • Cursor position information system allows high precision drawing
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