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Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe

Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe

Floppy (5.25")3

Lucasfilm Games


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Release Date: 1/1/1990
Manufacturer: Lucasfilm Games
Donated By: Frank Dores
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (SWOTL) is a World War II air-combat flight simulation video game released in August 1991 and expanded in 1992 by LucasFilm Games. It is a MS-DOS game for IBM PC compatibles. It was the last of a trilogy of World War II titles by LucasFilm Games, the others being "Battlehawks 1942" (1988) and "Their Finest Hour" (1989). It enabled the player to fly aircraft of the USAAF Eighth Air Force and the German Luftwaffe, including some experimental aircraft that did not see operational service during World War II.

The game was initially released with a codewheel and a 225-page manual, detailing the air war over Western Europe between 1943 and 1945. The game also featured a campaign mode, similar to that found in "Their Finest Hour", where the player had to make the strategic decisions on which targets were to be attacked (as USAAF 8th Air Force) or defended (by the German Luftwaffe).

Some gameplay elements included, such as the historic missions section, are evident in later Lawrence Holland games including X-Wing.

Our version includes the Do 335 and He 162 expansion disks.

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