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Red Baron

Red Baron
Red Baron

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Release Date: 1/1/1990
Manufacturer: Dynamix
Donated By: Frank Dores
Red Baron is a computer game for the PC, created by Damon Slye at Dynamix and published by Sierra Entertainment. It was released in 1990.

As the name suggests, the game is a flying simulation set on the Western Front of World War I. The player can engage in single missions or career mode, flying for either the German Air Service or the RFC. In the course of the game the player might find himself either flying in the Red Baron's squadron Jasta 11, or encountering him as an enemy above the front.

This game won Computer Gaming World's 1991 Simulation of the Year award. In 1996 Computer Gaming World named Red Baron as #4 on its Best Games of All Time list on the PC.

Many of the famous German, British, and French World War I combat aircraft are available to fly including the Fokker E.I Eindecker, the Fokker Dr.I Triplane, the Sopwith Camel, and the SPAD XIII. The game features somewhat realistic physics as it was mainly intended as an entertainment game instead of a true flight simulator, although the unique flying characteristics of some of the aircraft were implemented such as the gyroscopic effect created by the Sopwith Camel's rotary engine and the Albatroses' upper wings shearing at high negative G loads. The player also has to deal with problems the real fighter pilots of WWI faced such as gun jams, flak, engine damage, and possibly bleeding to death if they were wounded and could not land at an aerodrome in time.

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