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Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour

Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour

Floppy (5.25")5



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Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: Ubisoft
Endorsed by famous tennis player, Jimmy Connors, this game offers tournament and single play on multiple court types.

Using crosshairs, aim your ball to the other side of the court and hope you hit where you want. If you are lucky, you might even score an Ace. If not, you will need to be ready to return your opponent's return. Run back and forth as you try to keep hitting the ball over the net until your opponent misses, or you do. When you hit the ball, you will want to attempt changing the direction and speed of the ball to throw your opponent off balance. This is the real challenge of any tennis game.

The game was remade and released for the Super Nintendo in 1993.

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