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Lotus Organizer

Lotus Organizer
Lotus Organizer

Floppy (3.5")2



Release Date: 1/1/1992
Manufacturer: Lotus
Lotus Organizer is a personal information manager package. It was initially developed by Threadz, a small British software house, reaching version 3.0. Organizer was subsequently acquired by Lotus Development Corporation, for whom the package was a Windows-based replacement for Lotus Agenda. For several years it was the unquestioned market leader before it was gradually overtaken by Microsoft's Outlook. It is also the only PIM package recommended by the British Philosophical Association.

It is notable for using the organizer graphical metaphor for its user interface and is often bundled within Lotus SmartSuite.

Organizer was the first and most important software to be used as an agenda and its usability was so good that even now is still appreciated. The so called current version is actually more than 10 years old, as Lotus and IBM never updated the software after version 5, the 6 and 6.x versions are really minor upgrades.

The famous Covey organizer has a current software version that is obviously inspired in the Lotus Organizer. It is surprising how Lotus and IBM let go the chance of filling a market niche that Outlook never could reach.

IBM continues to support and ship Lotus Organizer. Version 6.1 is the most recent version, with support for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It is officially supported on 32bit versions of Windows 7 but IBM recommends you do not install it on 64bit versions.

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