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Eastern Front (1941)

Eastern Front (1941)
Eastern Front (1941)

SystemAtari XEGS


Atari XEGS

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Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: Atari
Eastern Front (1941) is a World War II simulation on cartridge. The gameplay was extensive (think SSI) and required considerable effort on the part of the player. The manual has extensive photographs from the Second World War, pseudo Diary Entries and other effective touches that attempt to breathe life and "realism" into the manual.

From the back of the box ...

"THEY MADE THE HISTORY YOU'LL PLAY. Replay the drama and desperation of one of the most massive invasions in military history. All the reality of the 1941-42 Easter Front campaign is cunningly packed into this game: the treachery of the terrain, the savagery of winter, the fervor of the Russian's fight to save their homeland and - most importantly - the consequences of your strategy. Try to combat the truth of time. And try again. On the Eastern Front you fight with your mind. Against the forces of history."

That final line is rather telling. Could a game where the player assumes the role of the Nazi's be released today? Especially by a large company that desired to become a fixture in a typical household?

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