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Financial Cookbook

Financial Cookbook
Financial Cookbook

SystemAtari 8-bit
Floppy (5.25")1

Electronic Arts

Atari 8-bit

Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
Financial Cookbook contains thirty-two recipes or formulas for quickly determining such things as returns on investments, effective tax shelters and IRAs, the effects of inflation, mortgage calculations and tax rates. Each recipe asks the user to enter certain variables and makes calculations based on these.

All of these calculations are done without the need to build complicated models, as is required when using a spreadsheet. Also, knowledge of complicated financial formulas is not required to get results quickly and easily. The ability to instantly recalculate based on changing one value, such as interest rate earned or expected inflation rate, really makes the program useful for answering those "what if" types of questions that invariably occur.

Some entries-like interest rate, marginal tax rate and expected inflation -appear in nearly every recipe. To save you the drudgery of having to retype this information each time you use a new recipe, Financial Cookbook has a profile command that lets you enter and save these numbers for future use. Once you enter your data with the profile command, it is entered automatically whenever a recipe calls for it. You can even save this data to your work disk. You can also save a copy of a filled-in recipe to your document disk. The document disk uses the same format as that of Cut & Paste, but, unfortunately, C&P cannot be used to edit the saved Financial Cookbook documents.

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