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SystemApple II
Floppy (5.25")1

Strategic Studies Group

Apple II

Release Date: 1/1/1987
Manufacturer: Strategic Studies Group
'Russia - The Great War in the East 1941-1945' is a board game on a 5ΒΌ inch floppy disk, issued in 1987.

This is a game in which software micromanaged the actions of the individual units for example battalions or artillery assets.

The format for the game was used in different battle scenarios in different theatres of war, for example, Battles in Normandy, Macarthur's War, Halls of Montezuma and Rommel. The Macintosh allowed mouse control and had high definition graphics.

The setting in this game is the Eastern Front in World War 2, recreating the campaigns over the whole period 1941 to 1945. There was no campaign editor because there was only one game. The one player was the general staff commander and the player could play either side. The commander gave high level orders to armies and corps. The software would then micromanage the orders.

The game had a sound capability that was determined by the limitations of the hardware.

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