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Microsoft Office 95 (Standard)

Microsoft Office 95 (Standard)
Microsoft Office 95 (Standard)

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 8/24/1995
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Microsoft Office for Windows 95 was the version of Microsoft Office designed specifically for Windows 95, succeeding Office 4.3. Previously, Microsoft had released Office 4.2 for Windows NT for several architectures, which included 32-bit Word 6.0 for Windows NT and Excel 5.0 for Windows NT, however PowerPoint 4.0 was 16-bit. With Office for Windows 95, all components in the suite were 32-bit. All the Office 95 applications have OLE 2 capacity - moving data automatically from various programs. Office 95 was replaced by Office 97.

There were no downloadable service packs or service releases for Office for Windows 95. Instead, two updated versions, 7.0a and 7.0b were released to fix bugs. They could be ordered from Microsoft Support. A downloadable update was released in 1999 to address minor Y2K issues.

Versions of Microsoft Jet database engine, 3.0 and 3.5 used by Access for Windows 95 (Access 7.0) and the later released, Access 97 respectively, had a critical issue which made these versions of Access unusable on a computer with more than 1 GB of memory. While this problem was fixed for Jet 3.5/Access 97, it was never fixed for Jet 3.0/Access 95.

Microsoft Office 95 requires a 386DX or higher CPU, and either Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows NT 3.51. 8 MB of RAM is the minimum for a Windows 95 installation. 28 MB of hard disk space is required for the compact installation, 55 MB for the 'typical' and 88 MB for the full install.

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