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Attack at EP-CYG-4

Attack at EP-CYG-4
Attack at EP-CYG-4

Speed1 MHz


Atari 8-Bit

Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Bram
Attack at EP-CYG-4 is a unique space-war game with a cooperative two-player mode. The game's action takes place above the surface of a planet that has been taken over by a brutal machine race which is threatening the human colony. Your mission is to wipe out all traces of the robot enemy with your five gravitron-drive attack ships.

Each ship's weapon is aimed and fired simultaneously in the singleplayer mode by depressing the joystick button. In the two-player mode, one stick controls the ship, and the other moves the cursor directing the aim of the weapon.

With the weapon, you must disintegrate enemy structures. Each sector of the battlefield contains ground structures of various sizes, some of which may fire back at you. Enemy ships can attack at any time. Your ship is shielded, but not invulnerable. There are at least thirty sectors in each of the three versions on the game disk. There are three levels of difficulty for each version, and each may be played in one-player or two-player mode.

Your ship's motion is controlled by the joystick in Port 1. Vertical motion is a function of stick position, as in Missile Command. However, the stick also controls horizontal velocity so that when you push the stick sideways, you accelerate in that direction. You must push the stick in the opposite direction to slow down or stop. Getting used to this takes a bit of practice, so the programmers considerately made the entry point of each game an-enemy-free zone. You are transported to this zone when one of your ships is knocked outÑif you have any ships left. When you leave the safe zone again, you bypass all sectors you have cleared previously in the game.

Verbal description cannot really do justice to this game. It provides a lot of value, because of the multiple versions, and because you don't grow tired of it, as with so many other video games. Its really unique qualities, the ship's motion and the cooperative two-player mode, mark its programmers as truly visionary game designers. Unfortunately, they don't receive any credit on the game's rather elegant packaging.

The only version of the game I was able to complete was the least difficult. Once I cleared all sectors of enemy structures, I was slightly disappointed to discover that there was no real ending to the game. I could only keep roaming the sectors or start another game. This is a minor flaw, and I recommend EPCYG-4 to any gamer who is looking for new concepts and challenges in his or her gaming life.

Review by David Duberman

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