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StarCraft: Battle Chest

StarCraft: Battle Chest
StarCraft: Battle Chest

SystemWindows 95/98

Blizzard Entertainment

Windows 95/98

Release Date: 1/1/1998
Manufacturer: Blizzard Entertainment
The battle chest holds the known universe of StarCraft, both with any other secret mission off planet and/or any hidden attacks. To be more prepared, this chest will give you the strategy guides to aid your command.

StarCraft: The look from the land battle between Orcs & Humans is now higher then the horizon, and right up to the Stars. Thus, StarCraft gives us now three races: Humans (or the Terran), Zergs (or the alien alike creatures) and Protoss (most advanced specie). The battle for planetary systems and the stars is about to yell!

StarCraft: Brood War: Just because some stars are fallen, doesn't mean the battle can be over. None of the three races would allow that to happen. They all rather die screaming, then make peace. So, the Brood War was born.

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