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PFS: First Publisher v3.0

PFS: First Publisher v3.0
PFS: First Publisher v3.0

Floppy (3.5")3



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Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: Spinnaker
While the rest of the programs in this roundup are solidly midrange, PFS: First Publisher teeters precariously on the low end. If you are building single-page layouts with bit-mapped clip art, the program will get the job done. However, the text formatting is borderline for serious business publications. The lack of automatic hypenation, for instance, virtually guarantees unattractive word spacing in justified text.

Pros: Can wrap text around irregular graphics. Reasonable text and art import flexibility. Context-sensitive help. Nice system for using simple templates. Text export. Comes with decent selection of clip art. Master pages for repeating page elements.

Cons: No automatic hyphenation. No tabs. No column guides for accurate positioning. Inadequate selection of magnifications for viewing publication. No support for pica measurements. Poor font selection and support. Maximum font size only 48 points. Poor system for resizing graphics. Lacks facing-page document support.

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