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ProDOS Assembler Tools

ProDOS Assembler Tools

SystemApple II
Floppy (5.25")1


Apple II

Release Date: 1/1/1983
Manufacturer: Apple
Donated By: Jim McIntosh
The ProDOS Assembler Tools is designed for programmers who want to write assembly-language programs for the Apple II, II+, IIc, IIe or IIe enhanced. All five of these computers are based on the 6502 microprocessor, whose command set is supported by the Assembler Tools.

Before you attempt using the Tools, we recommend that you be fairly familiar with BASIC or Pascal on the Apple computer system and that you read one or more books on 6502 assembly-language programming.

The ProDOS Assembler Tools include four programming tools that will help you create and execute assembly-language programs to run on any Apple II computer.

These tools are the Editor, the Assembler, the Bugbyter debugger, and the Relocating Loader:

1. Use the EDITOR to create and modify program source files and to store them on disk. You can also use the Editor to edit ProDOS EXEC files and BASIC program source files.

2. Use the ASSEMBLER to generate an executable program.

3. Use the BUGBYTER debugger to test and verify the execution of your programs. Also use the Bugbyter to help you locate and fix any errors that might creep into your programs.

Further details can be found in the ProDOS Assembler Tools User's Manual.

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