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Autoscore Pro v2.0

Autoscore Pro v2.0
Autoscore Pro v2.0

Floppy (3.5")1

Wildcat Canyon


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Release Date: 1/1/1997
Manufacturer: Wildcat Canyon
There must be plenty of people who would like to use banks of MIDI gear, but who don't possess keyboard skills (or don't find modern synth keyboards very expressive to play). Although there are various guitar synths available, these often require the player to play very cleanly to avoid pitch glitches, and tracking pitch-bends is often not an option. Autoscore, therefore, presents an intriguing prospect -- it will recognise any solo instrument played through the supplied microphone and translate the performance to a standard MIDI file. Not only that, but it also claims to track pitch-bends as well. As it says on the packaging, "You sing or play the tune. Autoscore writes it down for you. Composing music has never been easier." Bold claims indeed. If it works, this package would not only be suitable for beginners and for educational use, but would also be an ideal way for any musician to add that human touch to any MIDI track. Time to have a gargle and try it out.

Includes microphone.

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