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Bejeweled & Alchemy

Bejeweled & Alchemy
Bejeweled & Alchemy

SystemWindows 95/98

Global Star

Windows 95/98

7  78399  00087  0

Release Date: 12/1/2001
Manufacturer: Global Star
This release bundles enhanced, full-featured versions of two popular shareware puzzle games developed by PopCap. Both games are played on a 2D grid of squares. In Alchemy, the player attempts to fill the board with rune tiles of various colors and shapes, following strict rules of placement according to the tiles already on the board. Bejeweled presents the player with a board full of differently colored gems. The positions of any two adjacent gems may be reversed and the object is to line up three gems of the same type, horizontally or vertically, to cause them to disappear. The retail versions of both games include improved high-resolution graphics, new sound effects, and additional modes of play.
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