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Ultimate 3D Skeleton

Ultimate 3D Skeleton
Ultimate 3D Skeleton


DK Multimedia


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Release Date: 1/1/1996
Manufacturer: DK Multimedia
It's truly the interactive journey of a lifetime. Take a 3D virtual tour beneath your skin and examine the wonders of your own skeleton. Fascinating state-of-the-art multimedia technology allows you to take a close-up look at every bone in the human body as well as observe every part of the skeleton in motion. The level of detail is comprehensive enough for high-school students, yet easy enough for all the family to understand for casual curiosity. After exploring this fun and fascinating trip through the human skeleton, you'll be sure to know what the doctor is talking about the next time you stub the distal phalanx of your big toe.

From femur to fibula, maxilla to metatarsals, the human skeleton is one of the body's most amazing structures. Over 200 individual bones make up the human skeleton including the 26 delicate vertebrae that fit intricately together to form your backbone. Whether for completing school assignments of satisfying a simple fascination with the world beneath your skin. The Ultimate 3D Skeleton gives you accurate, professionally researched information in a dramatic and compelling state-of-the-art 3D visual presentation.

  • Informative Text. Find out essential facts such as the length and use of each bone as well as hear correct medical pronunciation. The authoritative text has been developed by vertebrate experts at the University of London.
  • 3D Skeleton Shot. Take a 3D tour of our fascinating skeletal system, examine every bone from any angle and view movies showing how each bone enables us to walk, run, and even swim.
  • 3D Imaging. Features technologically advanced 3D imaging generated from CT (Computerized Tomography) X-Ray data. All models displayed are reconstructed from scans of an actual human skeleton.
  • Navigation Buttons and Movie Mode. Easy-to-use navigation buttons and movie mode feature allow you to examine bones from any angle, even as a 3D animation.
  • Quiz Feature. Quiz feature test your knowledge of every bone in the human body.
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