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Arcade Machine (The)

Arcade Machine (The)
Arcade Machine (The)

Speed1 MHz


Apple II

Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Broderbund
Have you ever wanted to create your own arcade games, but didn't know how to program a computer? Your answer is The Arcade Machine by Broderbund. Sacrificing range of game styles for depth and complexity, The Arcade Machine allows you to create alien blast fests like Galaxian. The editor has a wide variety of options: designing and animating enemies, players and explosions, giving the enemies instructions on how to move and fire, drawing background or title screens, creating sound effects and music and setting a number of gameplay rules. Created games can be saved to a self-bootable disk so the will run without the main program. A sample game is included.

Software developed by Chris Jochumson and Doug Carlston.

The copy we have is new in the shrinkwrap.

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