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Earth 2150: The Moon Project

Earth 2150: The Moon Project
Earth 2150: The Moon Project

SystemWindows 95/98

Strategic Simulations

Windows 95/98

7  72040  80919  5

Release Date: 1/1/2001
Manufacturer: Strategic Simulations
Earth 2150: The Moon Project is a sequel to the real time strategy game Earth 2150. While the game is in fact a stand-alone game, many consider it an expansion pack because it does little more than provide new missions, and weapons. The story takes place alongside the original game's story. The Moon Project was released in 2001 by Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Earth's final war is in full swing. The United Civilized States, Eurasian Dynasty, and the Lunar Corporation fight over what is left of the world’s resources in order to escape the blue planet before it is destroyed. Meanwhile, on the Moon, the Lunar Corporation discovers the remnants of an alien tunnel system. In it, they find the plans for an orbital super weapon, with the power to attack the Earth from the Moon. While beginning the process of building the weapon, code named "Sunlight", a United Civilized States army appears ready to try and stop them. It's up to the player to decide how it will play out, and who will win.

The Moon Project is a war strategy game. What sets it apart from other games in the genre, is the full three dimensional play. The player can rotate the camera to view the battlefield from just about any angle. It also includes an experience system for the units, indicated by a green and black line under the unit's health bar. Higher levels means higher damage, health, and armor. The player must mine resources in order to build units and structures, and must create power plants to keep structures working. The game includes a 10 level campaign for each faction, and multiplayer support is provided.

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