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Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 2/14/2004
Manufacturer: Whiptail
Gangland is a computer game created by Mediamobsters (now: Sirius Games). It was released on 14 February 2004. It has the premise of mixing real-time strategy (RTS), role-playing game (RPG) and simulation (Sim).

The player takes the role of Mario Mangano, whose four brothers, Romano, Angelo, Sonny, and the eldest Chico, are caporegime of the Mangano crime family based in Palermo. When their father, the Don of the Borgata, dies, a power struggle hits the family and ends with Chico being nominated as the new boss. Romano, Angelo, and Sonny murder Chico after his promotion and flip away from Italy to the new world, escaping the police manhunt meant to capture them. Two years later, Mario's uncle Vincenzo Mangano calls Mario's grandfather and says that the three brothers are in his city, Paradise City. The single-player campaign begins when Mario is sent to Paradise City by his grandfather to work under Vincenzo until he is powerful enough to hunt down and kill the three murderous brothers.

There are 7 drivable vehicles available to steal or purchase:

  • The Runabout is a small car, which could be compared to the Mini Cooper. This is a light blue, and can seat two units. It has good handling but is slow, and has poor armour.
  • The Street Car is a light car, in grey, and can seat two units. It has average handling and average speed.
  • The Truck is a heavy, bulky utility vehicle, that can seat eight units, but unlike the other vehicles has no shooting seats. It is very slow and has poor handling.
  • The City Car is a black, Cadillac-type vehicle, that can seat four units. It has decent handling and a decent speed.
  • The Military Vehicle is a Humvee-style vehicle, that seats four units. It has incredibly heavy armour (the heaviest), but poor speed and handling.
  • The Sports Car is a red Dodge Viper style car which seats two units. It's very fast, and has decent handling.
  • The Police Car is, as the name says, a police car. It can seat four units, and has average speed, armour and handling.
Note: The Military Vehicle, the Sports Car, and the Police Car are not available to steal on the map, and must be purchased.
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