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Notator SL / Creator SL

Notator SL / Creator SL
Notator SL / Creator SL

SystemAtari ST
Floppy (3.5")4


Atari ST

Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: C-Lab
  • Notator is an all-encompassing MIDI composition, sequencing, scoring, and production system
  • Allows you to edit and process the MIDI data it has recorded using a number of sophisticated editing tools and functions.
  • Helps you assemble your music quickly and easily using powerful real-time arrange list functions.
  • Is a real-time MIDI processor, allowing you to process MIDI data in real time, without your having to record it first.
  • Acts as a real-time automated mixer of MIDI data (volume etc) and as a real time virtual System Exclusive (SysEx) editor.
  • Fully synchronizable to audio and video tape for pre and post-production at home and in the sound studio.
  • Fully synchronizable to real-time incoming MIDI and audio signals; the musician's tempo controls the sequencer.
  • Has an additional editing tool, the score editor, that lets you edit the MIDI data in notation on the traditional stave.
  • There is no division between MIDI Notes and their display in notation form.
  • Prints out full scores (up to 32 voices), with an editable Page Preview function, downloadable fonts, full range of notation symbols, and support for dot matrix and laser printers.
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