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Crosstalk XVI v3.7

Crosstalk XVI v3.7
Crosstalk XVI v3.7




Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: Crosstalk
Crosstalk XVI is a flexible menu or command-driven communication program that links your PC to any other PC, minicomputer, mainframe, or subscription information service.

Crosstalk XVI has full support for auto-dial and auto-answer modems and works as a smart terminal that emulates most popular dumb terminals. It can transfer data and programs using popular error-checking protocols such as XMODEM and KERMIT. Because all important communications parameters are available on the main status screen, you can view a single screen instead of searching through layers of screens to change particular parameters. Incoming data can be routed to any display, printer, or disk. Data can be sent from the keyboard or a disk file. The screen display shows characters sent and received by the modem and whether the modem is on or offline. The product stores and transmits login information and commands to a remote system, and public databases such as CompuServe.

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