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Sacred Rings (The)

Sacred Rings (The)
Sacred Rings (The)

SystemWindows XP

Adventure Company

Windows XP

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Release Date: 3/7/2007
Manufacturer: Adventure Company
The Sacred Rings is the direct sequel and continues the story of Aura: Fate of the Ages. In Aura, Umang recovered the lost artifacts and restored the rings to their full power, narrowly escaping capture by evil warriors. Now he must return the rings to the Keepers' fortress where they can be safely housed and protected. It is not an easy task, since the Shadow Legion's minions are still on his heels and danger lurks around every corner.

Players are put in the shoes of Umang and will explore many strange and elaborately rendered locations. Umang must travel back and forth between locales to accomplish his mission, solving a multitude of unusual, mind-bending puzzles along the way. Special effects and original music plus numerous cinematic cut-scenes bring the story to life.

This game, like the one before it, is a puzzle-driven adventure played in first person and handled completely by mouse. The point-and-click interface is complimented by 360 degree panning at pause stops. There are inventory objects to be found and used. Notes on explorations are kept in a Journal for reference and there are 8 slots for saving games.

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