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DOS 2 DOS v3.4

DOS 2 DOS v3.4

Floppy (3.5")1

Central Coast Software


Release Date: 2/4/1991
Manufacturer: Central Coast Software
DOS 2 DOS lets you transfer text and data files both ways between MS-DOS and the Amiga. It provides basic file conversion for text files. It is also compatible with the Atari ST since it's file structure is very similar to MS-DOS.

This program was very popular when it first come out in 1986, but was later replaced in the marketplace by CrossDOS which provide similar features and was eventually bundled with the operating system.

User Comments
Dan Conder on Saturday, September 14, 2013
If you weren't trying to emulate a PC but just needed to read or write a file in DOS mode it was perfect. I never made it past OS 2.1 so crossdos was not something I had.
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