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LapLink Pro v4.0c

LapLink Pro v4.0c
LapLink Pro v4.0c

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Traveling Software


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Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: Traveling Software
LapLink Pro is a utility for managing files between computers. Files, directories, and whole directory tree structures may be copied, deleted, moved, and renamed. If you like, you may clone an entire drive.

Data compression is used to increase throughput speeds. Additionally, text files may be viewed and even edited. (LapLink includes a full-screen text editor which may be applied to Iocal text files. There's even a largetype mode for laptop displays.) One thing LapLink won't let you do is global management of selected files. Hence, you're restricted to transferring files only from the directory you're in, unless whole subdirectories below the current directory are being passed. Wildcards may be used when doing copies, both for selecting which files to copy and for selecting which files not to use.

The program is remarkably easy to use. Getting it up and running requires almost no thought, and usage will be intuitive to anyone with moderate computer experience and only a little presence of mind. The program works with two computers at a time--called local and remote. The local computer is the one you're typing on; either computer can be used at any time for controlling communications between the two. Communication is established through a serial port, parallel port, or modem connection. A set of connecting cables is supplied with the software.

The program checks each communication port from the moment it's run; if it finds a LapLink connection there, it reports that the remote computer is available. The screen is split into two windows: one for the current directory contents on the local computer, the other for the same on the selected remote computer. An alternative to stepping through each directory by ascending or descending the directory hierarchy from your current level is an interactive tree mode. In tree mode, you may travel along a tree diagram while simultaneously looking at a list of files for each directory.

For most file-handling activities, LapLink effectively merges the two communicating computers into one computer with two keyboards. Unfortunately, DOS isn't accessible on the remote computer, but (as is commonplace these days) you may drop from the local LapLink into the DOS shell and return again. You can even launch another program and return to LapLink at its conclusion, but this, too, is only available on the local computer.

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