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Art Department Professional V2.5

Art Department Professional V2.5
Art Department Professional V2.5

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Release Date: 1/1/1994
Manufacturer: ASDG
ASDG's The Art Department (TAD) is a 24-bit image-processing program for the Amiga. This means that each screen pixel is represented by three bytes (24 bits) of memory, allowing a palette of 16 million colors instead of just 4096. TAD can use this extra information when converting pictures from other computers or when choosing colors to display the best possible Amiga picture.

The Art Department loads Sculpt 4D, Turbo Silver, DigiView, and all IFF files, including Sliced Ham and NewTek's Dynamic modes. It can save in 24-bit IFF and standard IFF modes (including Dynamic, but not Sliced Ham). Separately available disks allow you to import GIF, DeluxePaint IIe for the IBM PC, PCX, TIFF, Targa, and Rendition image files. Unfortunately, while you can load images in these formats, you can't save them in these formats. You can't use TAD as a image processor for VGA or Targa screens.

TAD is related to ASDG's software for the Sharp scanner. As such, it performs many of the same image-processing functions as NewTek's DigiView software. Unfortunately, TAD is missing a few of DigiView's bells and whistles. I especially missed control over color saturation. On the plus side, TAD has a new control, Gamma, and a variety of dithering algorithms. The Gamma control allows you to compensate for the fact that the visual intensity of the Amiga's 16 brightness levels are not linear. Using Gamma can help you bring out hidden detail in your images.

TAD does a very nice job of converting screens from one Amiga screen resolution to another. It does an especially nice job converting to colorful images in HAM and EHB into high-resolution 16-color screens.

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