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Terminator: Future Shock

Terminator: Future Shock
Terminator: Future Shock


Bethesda Softworks


Release Date: 1/1/1995
Manufacturer: Bethesda Softworks
In Terminator: Future Shock you are a part of the human resistance who fights against the machines of SkyNet in the wreckage of Los Angeles. This game is a first person game, and as it came out before Quake, was the first game with free look. It has been compared to Quake (as has its sequel SkyNet). It has an evolving story and missions with a military feel, including briefings in which you can talk to several people and gather info, to the way the missions play out. There are 17 different weapons available.

The game requires you to look that the compass in the interface, to make sure you are going the right way. It also has missions where you have to fly a plane or drive a car.

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