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Wordperfect Office X3 (Source by Circuit City Edition)

Wordperfect Office X3 (Source by Circuit City Edition)
Wordperfect Office X3 (Source by Circuit City Edition)

SystemWindows XP


Windows XP

Release Date: 1/1/2007
Manufacturer: Corel
Officially, this is Wordperfect v13 - of the once most popular word processing program.

On January 17, 2006, Corel announced WordPerfect X3. Corel is an original member of the OASIS Technical Committee on the OpenDocument Format, and Paul Langille, a senior Corel developer, is one of the original four authors of the OpenDocument specification.

In January 2006, subscribers to Corel's electronic newsletter were informed that WordPerfect 13 was scheduled for release later in 2006. The subsequent release of X3 (identified as "13" internally and in registry entries) has been met with generally positive reviews, due to new features including a unique PDF import capability, metadata removal tools, integrated search and online resources and other features.

Version X3 was described by CNET in January, 2006 as a "winner", "a feature-packed productivity suite that's just as easy to use — and in many ways more innovative than — industry-goliath Microsoft Office 2003." CNET went on to describe X3 as "a solid upgrade for long-time users", but that "Die-hard Microsoft fans may want to wait to see what Redmond has up its sleeve with the radical changes expected within the upcoming Microsoft Office 12.

This version includes WordPerfect X3, Quattro Pro x3, Corel Snapfire PLUS SE and more.

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