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Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: MySoftware
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MyInvoices, which runs on IBM-compatible computers with 384K memory, is the latest release from MySoftware Co., a Menlo Park, Calif. firm that specializes in inexpensive programs designed to make it easy to do one specific thing.

The company's previous offerings include mailing list managers, label makers and checkbook programs. These are all relatively simple applications. But invoicing and accounts receivable management take a little more horsepower -- from the programmer and the user. For the most part, MyInvoices delivers.

MyInvoices is aimed squarely at service-related businessmen, such as consultants, photographers, lawyers, repair shop owners, architects, even accountants. It's designed to track sales or fees by customer and time period.

Like most invoice programs, it will multiply quantity by unit price to produce a total (4 widgets at $15 each equals $60). But businessmen in wholesale or retail trade who want to track sales of specific items or update inventory records won't find that capability here.

Given its limitations, MyInvoices does an admirable job. And it is easy to use. In fact, there's no printed instruction booklet. The manual, such as it is, resides on the disk. You can call it up on screen while you're running the program. Or you can print it out -- all eight pages. Suprisingly, that's enough.

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