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Sinclair QL

Release Date: 1/1/1985
Manufacturer: Talent Computer Systems
GraphiQL is a bitmap drawing program produced by Talent Computer Systems which was controlled by a set of keyboard commands. A later version, controlled by icons was released under the Sinclair Research Limited label as QL Paint and later under Talent's own label as GraphiQL+

Quite a neat utility, this provides the most common commands you require and handles both 4 and 8 colour screen modes, allowing you to access the full 512x256 screen. Files are output as full 32768 byte screen dumps. This is one of the few drawing programs which allows you to set the flash attribute on each pixel, and includes the following features:

  • Freehand drawing, 8 colours, optional flash
  • Rubber banding, rubber boxes, circles and elipses
  • Variable size texture definition
  • Doodle pad
  • Colour and texture fill of any shaped area
  • User definable paint brush - any colour or width
  • Colour list for full colour control
  • Re-colour facilitiy
  • Magnification with panning
  • Mirroring and rotation of parts of the screen
  • Air-brush effect
  • On-line help facility
  • Full file-store access
  • Printer dump utility
  • Text with single or double height characters
Language: 68000 Machine Code, Author: Andrew Colin, Jon R Malone and Craig Renfrew.
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