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Flight Path 737

Flight Path 737
Flight Path 737

SystemCommodore 64

Advantage Artworx

Commodore 64

Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Advantage Artworx
Flight Path 737 Screenshot From Anirog Software comes the advanced pilot trainer. This release from Advantage in Canada includes both a floppy and cassette in the package.

Flight Path 737 was the first flight simulator released by Anirog first in 1984, and it was a simple, yet frustratingly difficult game. The premise was simple enough - take off in your Boeing 737, fly over a short mountain range, before approaching and then landing your jet on another runway.

While it may have seemed like a simple premise and a game that wouldn't last too long, it was the game's difficulty level and the complexity of the controls that made it a game that you really needed to put time into it to be able to master it.

As with many of Anirog's early games, it was released across a wide range of platforms, and as with many of their Commodore games, the cassette for the C64 version also featured the VIC-20 version of the game on the reverse side of the tape, making the games more economical to produce and more appealing to retailers.

Later versions, such as the Amiga version, were released under the Anco label.

Flight Path 737 Cassette
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