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AutoManager Organizer v1.10c

AutoManager Organizer v1.10c
AutoManager Organizer v1.10c

Floppy (3.5")1

Cyco Software


Release Date: 1/1/1995
Manufacturer: Cyco Software
AutoManager Organizer 1.1. is a solution for organizing documents (for AutoCAD R12/Windows) made with a file type *.dwg, giving the advantage that they can be opened in edit mode directly from the documents. In principle this organization lies in the ability to attach additional data for the drawings (example description, keywords for the development of groups, project notes) and to perform filtering of this base data in order to find a quick drawing.

You can also view all kinds of document types (*.DWG, *.DXF, *.DGN, Generic CADD *.GCD, *.PCX, Windows & OS / 2 *.bmp, *.RLC Image Systems, CompuServe *.RLE, TARGA *.tga, CALS Group 4, TIFF, CompuServe *.gif, *.IGS Image Systems, WordPerfect, ASCII *. xt) is able to navigate through many types of documents on your own, or the network, in search of a file.

AutoManager Organizer is easy to use and the small number of commands you have. With increasing number of drawings, its organizational functions will become highly appreciated by designers, which in the case of minimum knowledge about the operating system will even remember the organization in directories or folders. The drawings could be anywhere on disk, because there is a recording ct Atta time for them to the database. Can be quickly searched and edited.

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