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Inferno (Collector's Edition)

Inferno (Collector's Edition)
Inferno (Collector's Edition)




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Release Date: 1/1/1994
Manufacturer: Ocean
Sequel to DID's underrated sci-fi space simulation Epic, Inferno continues the storyline of the Raxxon - Terran conflict that began at the time of Epic. The premise is more interesting and offers many more plot developments than the original game: you are a Terran pilot who was ambushed by the Raxxons, who transformed you surgically into one of their own. Enraged, you killed all the Raxxons on board the station to regain your human form. With renewed vigor and thrist for revenge, you vow to eliminate their race once and for all...

The game's engine is an improved version of the one in TFX.

Digital Image Design with Ocean also produced a Collector's Edition Tin as well.

User Comments
Anonymous on Monday, March 30, 2015
I have one of these unopened still in shrink wrap with UPC sticker and price. Is anyone interested in purchasing?
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